Ongoing research project on temporary infrastructural architecture

By definition, architecture, with its root archi – ( from Greek – chief, main) has an author and, therefore, authority. In case of temporary infrastructures, the definition would be ‘tecture’ (from Greek Tekton– builder).

This Atlas focuses on the research of city’s temporary infrastructural utilitarian structures such as scaffoldings, sidewalk sheds, signs, billboards, construction site barriers, fences, boardwalks, etc.

This Atlas will reveal how this ‘urban mold’ forms an image of a city more specific than designed architecture. It will show how regulations; social and economical conditions imprint on this anonymous and ephemeral city layer.

Temporarity allows tecture to be radical; serve as a testing ground for resolute architecture: drastic scale, abstractness, windowless surfaces, iconic geometries, interference with people flows, striking colors etc.

P. S. This research is work-in-progress.

Photographs were made by Kosmos or found in web. All copyrights belong to the respective authors of the photographs and used in this research for non-profitable reasons.