Porto Academy 2021

Tango Spaces


In this Porto Academy workshop we would like to propose you to focus not on the architecture pers se: buildings, volumes, facades; but on the spaces between or around them. These spaces are created by the buildings, and normally considered as transitional, public, or supplementary spaces. We would like to argue that programming these spaces and designing their usage is one of the key roles of the contemporary architect.

Assistant of the Studio: Elói Gonçalves, Bene Wahlbrink
Students: Abir Ezzedine, Agata Holdenmajer, Ana Filipa Marinho Pires, Bruno Belo Teles Xavier,Camilla Sala, Cecilia Venieri, Christoph Güttl, Estuardo Herrera Ramos, Filip Bala, Gianmarco Paglierani, Letizia Mozzi, Luciana Rezende Ligeiro, Ondrej Machac, Pornpun Kim Saotonglang, Rachele Criveto, Rémi Madrona, Ilja Lebedev