"It is yet good". Incineration plant reconstruction, Vienna.

Collaboration with AJDVIV (Architecten Jan de Vylder Inge Vinck).

The images illustrating our proposal are no more no less illustrations of the project as it might have looked if this call did not had come along. This call to design a façade. A facade as such. No more no less. The images do present that. At least assumes or speculates on that.
As we dare to believe that these facades do reveal a certain beauty we dare to present them as the proposal.. Just as good as the original is. As we believe the original is yet that good.
The title ‘that it does not looks good makes that it looks good’ frames this idea at all. It suggests that the way the project is existing yet today is maybe good enough. Maybe not only good enough but even maybe really good. Maybe even very good. And by that possible so inspiring.
These illustrations do give image to our proposal. A proposal which is in many perspectives a critical position towards the question raised. At the same time the proposal is a proposal of engagement.
The call for proposal to design a façade needs a critical answer. Or rather a critical questioning. And these questions are as well wide as deep.
Is architecture a matter of façade only? Or beauty only? Or is a rather a matter of honesty? And maybe acceptance? And reality? Also? At least?