Country, located on the occupied borders between all the other countries

Our proposal is a new country, "Borderland", which is located on the occupied territory of borders between all the other countries in the world. It gives use to the borders, which we believe are obsolete (as a concept) and wasted land (in physical terms). 

This country is rather an idea, an ephemeral state, and exists as a misty, semi-transparent linear cloud. 

Borderland creates a single, global, and free corridor where people of all nations can meet, exchange, share, invent, trade, live, and through which they can travel freely around the globe. The new country doesn't have anything what a real state needs - government, visas, dominant religion, and primarily, it has no borders. 

It gives a place for life for those who live between two or more cultures and nations, to those who believe that no walls and borders are needed anymore, to those who want to live free, to live on the frontier, and at the same time be as far from the government center as possible.
Map of Borderland
Flag of the country depicts a dashed line (traditionally used for invisible objects in architecture) on a black background (traditionally anarchist colour).
Coat of arms of the country is directly copied from the road sign "End of all restrictions":