Installation made for Design Biennale Zürich 23 in collaboration with TANSKI

The installation creates a fictional territory created with minimal material means. In doing so, the scent induces a SHIFT: Away from the sense of sight, which usually dominates the other senses, towards the sense of smell. Often rooms lack their own olfactory expression. This is different with "GAIA", where the scent creates a sense of inclusive collectivity and belonging to a place.

By giving the old botanical garden a cool, fresh scent of melting ice in the middle of summer when temperatures are high, Tanski/KOSMOS create an eerie speculation about future changes in our environment. Through a SHIFT, they make the invisible physically tangible, bringing the scent of melting glaciers right into the city. In this way, the air becomes the vehicle for the project and its call to curb climate change.
8 variations of glacier odor
Perfumer Tanski creates scents for the installation in her laboratory