Art Drop

Floating art space on a Rhine ferry

Beautiful Rhine and famous Art Basel are main Basel city landmarks. ‘Art Drop’ project combines these two main attractions together. It is a new initiative, which proposes to create a multifunctional floating platform, using the existing technology of traditional Basel Ferries. Besides being a transport, new project will become the new art space for the city: first floating open-air art space. Technology of reaction’ ferry, with which one can cross the Rhine without motorised assistance, uses only the natural power of the river’s current.
Different uses of the floating art space. Besides being a transport, it can function as a gallery, a club, an auditorium, a public space, etc.
Each Ferry has its’ own traditional emblem: “Ueli”, “Vogel Gryff”, “Leu” and “Wild Maa”. The new ferry, Art Drop, takes as a symbol “L’homme qui marche” by Giacometti.
Rhine ferries operate without an engine and do not need fuel. The ferry runs alone through the current of the Rhine from one shore to the other. The vessel is attached to a steel cable (4), which is the running rail, by means of a cable connected to the lever (1) and a pulley (3).
Beautiful Rhine and art are Basel’s main attractions. Illustation of an art performance taking place during Art Basel on the floating art space.