EMA Space

Transformation of an abandoned factory into a cultural cluster

EMA is a project of revitalization of an ex-industrial territory in the center of Moscow. In the last decade, the industry (factory of Electrical Medical Apparates) was relocated and the territory became abandoned. New interventions - immense shining of foil reflections, theatrical scaleless geometries, video projections and unique light ambiances - this #fulloffoil environment - transforms EMA space into a new cultural hub in Moscow.

Project is made in collaboration with A. Staborovskiy (SAGA)
Model of EMA space with "switched off" buildings of the old factory.
Photo (c) Y. Palmin
Insulation Foil
Photo (c) Y. Palmin
Photo (c) Y. Palmin
Plan of the suspended sky. Different regimes of lighting.
Photo (c) Y. Palmin
Project of recreation of the original Soviet logo of the factory.
Recreated anew original Soviet logo of the factory.
Social media reaction to the space.
Wedding of partner of KOSMOS was held at EMA. On the photo: newlyweds Julya Ardabievskaya and Artem Staborovskiy
EMA on the cover of Bauwelt