"Tin Can" Castle

Chateau Chapiteau Refugee House

Many people have been left homeless because of the war. We went to Georgia (now there are many refugees from Mariupol and not only ) and together with our friends from @chateauchapiteau , we developed a rapidly constructable housing module for people in need of temporary shelter and refugees. The house is assembled from building materials collected within a 2 km radius of the construction site. The foundation is made from reused tyres; the amount of wood scraps for the frame is minimized; river boulders are used as additional protection against wind loads. The house can grow: a system has been developed to add further modules as required. Estimated cost of materials: EUR 6800.

In future, donors will decide together whom to invite to live in these huts for free - Chateau will work with different foundations, make art residences, social children's camps, etc.