Weaving Saratov

Urban competition in Saratov. 1st prize

The proposal “Weaving Saratov” is an urban vision to envision the integrated development Saratov’s city centre. The invited international competition spanned 5 unique sites and included over 650 hectares of development and park land surrounding Central Saratov. After an intensive selection process the Weaving Saratov was selected as one of two finalists, and eventually joint winners, receiving the mandate to develop the proposal for the decommissioned Saratov-Tsentralny airfield, and the design of a climate-adaptive urban park at the heart of the city, Glebuchev Ravine.
Together these two key sites will set the agenda for resilient design practices in both public space and urban planning in Saratov. “Weaving Saratov” combines large-scale urban development, with landscape ecologies and architectural interventions to shape the model for the Russian city of the 21st century.
Over the next 10 years, the 240ha site of former Tsentralny Airport will be developed into a vibrant new district including more than 3 million m2 in a mix of housing, business, public and cultural venues, and recreational activities. The Glebuchev ravine will be transformed into a climate proof park, combining resilient water storage and cleaning with urban life and amenities.

Project is made in collaboration with KARRES EN BRANDS , MANDAWORKS
An urban scale vision to imagine the Russian City of the future in Saratov
New City District. The New City District includes around 3 millions of square meters of mixed-use program and housing typologies that derive from airport’s heritage and local ecological networks. Stitching together segregated surroundings and repairing green ravines system, the area will have the potential to reconnect the city while providing a new urban center.
Victory Park integrates a complex composition of pathways and gardens that provide access to the elevated part of the park, while at the same time prevents landslides and repairs fragile hillside. At the top of the hill the visitors can explore open air exhibition of military museum with pieces laid out in a colorful garden.
Glebuchev Ravine is organised around a sustainable and innovative water collection system, but introduces also new connections and existing spaces for play and activities, offering tools for climate control and community building in a vibrant city environment.
Summer rainy day overview of the « valley of bridges »
Winter view from under the bridge towards the playgrounds
Semi areal view from the Название Saratov Bridge
View of the cafe/restaurant dune on the central stitch connecting the two piers
Semi areal view of Traditional Saratov debarcadere transformed into yacht-club and sailing school and multilayered dry stack boat storage structures with public functions